McKeesport Message Committee

The McKeesport Message Committee is committed to the message of "Respect, Dignity, Hope, and Love." Through community events, school programs, contests and creative marketing, McKeesport residents are focusing their interest on this distinctive set of core values, which encourage them to take pride in their hometown.

Living the Message

The McKeesport Message Committee, a subgroup of McKeesport Mayor Michael Cherepko's Select Committee on Crime and Violence, invites the public to nominate community members who exemplify the words, "Respect, Dignity, Hope and Love."

McKeesporters of all ages, from youth volunteers to senior citizens, display characteristics of Respect, Dignity, Hope and Love on a daily basis in our community. Whether through organizing community activities or offering a helping hand to those in need, everyday people are doing their part to make our city a better place. If we look within our schools, our neighborhoods, our churches and our service organizations, we will find acts of kindness for which we all can be proud.

Awards & Nominations

Living the Message awards are intended to showcase these individuals and give the community an opportunity to share its good news. Awards will be given quarterly.
Using 250 words or fewer, describe how the individual of your choice embodies one of the four words.

For more information, contact the Mayor's Office. Nominations can be mailed or e-mailed to the Mayor's Assistant Jennifer Vertullo.

Sponsor a McKeesport Message Sign

We are very excited about the momentum that has emerged from our McKeesport Message initiative. As you may know, we are seeking to raise up four important words, which we believe are critical to the mindset of the people of McKeesport. These words are, "Respect, Dignity, Hope, and Love." You may have seen someone wearing one of our "Message" buttons or bracelets. We have had much positive feedback about the work we are seeking to do.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to join in our efforts. For a modest investment of $400 for a nonprofit organization or $500 for a business, we will place a sign in a location of your choice. The name of your business will be at the top of a 4-by-8-foot sign. The location could be on city-owned property, Redevelopment Authority-owned property, on your own property, or private property with permission from the owner.

Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a sign. Thank you for your consideration.