Vacant Property Review Committee


1.This application should be used to apply for properties located within the City of McKeesport. The following items must be submitted with an application for it to be considered complete:

• Application Form: Must be signed and dated by all applicants. Must be fully completed, including the proposed re-use plan and estimated costs to acquire and rehab the property.

• Proof of Financing: Can include a bank statement, letter from a bank, letter of credit/line of credit, etc. Must be enough to cover the estimated costs to acquire and rehab the property.

• Non-Refundable Deposit: For parcels listed by Allegheny County Department of Real Estate as “residential” a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is required. For parcels deemed “commercial” a non-refundable deposit of $1500.00 is required. This deposit with be used towards the total cost of the property acquisition.  Once an Applicant submits the Non-Refundable Deposit and refuses to complete the Application process for any reason, again the deposit is Non-Refundable.

2. Additional information will be requested if the applicant is a corporation, trust, partnership, limited liability corporation, or nonprofit.

3. Applications can be obtained at City Hall Community Development Department Suite 203

4. Applicants should contact Melissa Ernst, Community Development Department Secretary, at 412-675-5020 ext 635 with any questions about the Program.

5. RACM/City of McKeesport reserves the right to deny any VPRC application if such acquisition is deemed in conflict with RACM/City of McKeesport development goals.

6. Application periods will end on June 30 and December 30 of each calendar year and RACM/City of McKeesport will begin the process.

Vacant Property Program (VPRC) PROGRAM GUIDELINES

All applicants should carefully review the Program Guidelines outlined below. Please contact 412-675-5020, ext. 635, with questions about the program or application.


To be eligible for the Program, applicants:

• Must be current on City, School, and County taxes and municipal service bills on all properties owned in the City of McKeesport.

• Must not have any outstanding code violations or municipal liens on properties owned in the City of McKeesport.


Applications are subject to all requirements under the Program policies. Property eligibility will be determined on a case by case basis based upon consideration of a variety of factors related to blight. To be eligible for the Program, a property must at a minimum meet all preliminary eligibility requirements, including:

• Be a vacant lot or vacant structure.

• Have at least three years of tax delinquency.

• Applicants may apply for only one vacant structure to be rehabilitated at a time and must successfully complete the rehabilitation before applying for another vacant structure to be rehabilitated.


Applications will be pre-screened for completeness and applicant and property eligibility. Failure to fill out all sections of the application or provide all requested documentation will delay this process. Substantially incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant and not considered for the Program. Applicants may be contacted if items are missing or additional information is required and given a deadline for submission of all materials, after which their application will be terminated.

Once an application is determined complete, it will undergo a review process that typically takes a minimum of four months. Thereafter, the applicant will be sent a Conditional Agreement of Sale that outlines the terms and conditions of the sale of the property, including the associated costs. The applicant must return the signed Conditional Agreement of Sale and final payment for the acquisition process to begin.

If RACM/City of McKeesport receives another application for the same property at any point prior to the execution of the Conditional Agreement of Sale, RACM/City of McKeesport will review the subsequent application in accordance with the Program’s policies and determine whether RACM/City of McKeesport will proceed with one of the applications or decline to proceed with any application. In the event RACM/City of McKeesport receives two or more applications from abutting property owners proposing to use the property for a side yard, parking, or similar use and RACM/City of McKeesport has not yet executed a Conditional Agreement of Sale with an applicant for the property, RACM/City of McKeesport will close all applications for the property and provide the applicants the opportunity to prepare a mutually agreeable, feasible plan and submit a new application to RACM/City of McKeesport. Once a Conditional Agreement of Sale has been executed for a property, RACM/City of McKeesport will not consider other applications for the same property.

After the applicant returns the signed Conditional Agreement of Sale and payment for the property, it typically takes a minimum of five months until closing. This time may vary based upon several factors. Applicants are responsible for all closing costs, such as transfer taxes, real estate taxes for the current year, recording fees, and closing fees. These costs are due at the time of closing. Applicants may elect to purchase title insurance at an additional cost.


After RACM/City of McKeesport conveys a property to an applicant, the applicant will have a pre-determined amount of time to complete the plans for the property that the applicant specified in the application and/or any other supplemental materials. Applicants are responsible for contacting RACM/City of McKeesport upon completion of their plans. Thereafter, RACM/City of McKeesport will inspect the property and if the plans were completed, RACM/City of McKeesport will record a Certificate of Completion.

RACM/City of McKeesport reserves the right to take back a property if an applicant fails to complete the plans within the agreed upon period. RACM/City of McKeesport would not reimburse the applicant for any costs incurred acquiring the property or making improvements to it.