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FY 2015-2019 Five Year Consolidated Plan and FY 2015 Annual Action Plan 

FY 2015-2019 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice


Community Development Department

McKeesport’s Community Development Director


New Director


Melissa Ernst – Community Development Secretary – 412-675-5020 x635

Christopher House – Building Inspector – 412-675-5020 x612

Ronald Brewster – Ordinance Officer – 412-675-5020 x613

 Audrey Stinson – Ordinance Officer – 412-675-5020 x616

 3-City Enterprise Zone Program Flyer PDF  

  Analysis of Impediments

 Below is a link for the current MPC publication.  It was recently updated with all MPC amendments. 

 Or, there is a link to the MPC on the General Assembly website.  It is not printer and reader friendly, but it is immediately updated when there are amendments.


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